GPS Photo Mapping for Disaster Response - 29/06/2006

The National Spill Control School (TX, USA) is using GPS-Photo Link software from GeoSpatial Experts (CO, USA) to teach emergency personnel how to respond to spills of oil, chemicals and other hazardous materials. The school recommends using GPS photo mapping techniques in a GIS environment as part of response preparedness.

“The National Spill Control School utilises GIS to create spill simulations for the U.S. Navy, oil companies and pipeline utilities,” said Devon Humphrey, a GIS Instructor with the School. “We have found that using GPS-based cameras and software to photo-map both man-made and natural features including creeks, ditches, wetlands and resources-at-risk on a large facility provides valuable visual intelligence in the event of a real disaster.”

Last updated: 28/10/2020