Harnessing geospatial AI for forest conservation

Harnessing geospatial AI for forest conservation

The European Parliament has taken a significant step forward in the fight against deforestation by adopting a groundbreaking law to prevent the import of products associated with deforestation. However, effective implementation and enforcement of this law will necessitate the use of advanced technologies. Geospatial artificial intelligence (AI), represented by companies like Picterra, holds immense potential in this regard. Leveraging geospatial AI empowers authorities, organizations and businesses to revolutionize their monitoring, enforcement and mitigation strategies, thus safeguarding forests and fostering a sustainable future.

Real-time monitoring and detection

Geospatial AI excels at detecting changes in land use and forest cover swiftly and accurately through the analysis of satellite and drone imagery. This technology enables real-time monitoring of deforestation and degradation activities in remote areas, facilitating prompt identification and response to violations of the new EU law.

By comparing historical and current imagery data, geospatial AI can assess deforestation risks effectively. Authorities can identify areas with significant deforestation or forest degradation, enabling prioritized inspections and enhanced enforcement of the law.

Geospatial AI aids companies in meeting the requirements of the new EU deforestation law by monitoring their supply chains. Through satellite and drone imagery analysis, businesses can verify their suppliers' compliance with the law's due diligence requirements and ensure they are not involved in deforestation or forest degradation activities.

Picterra's AI, powered by geospatial technology, also contributes to reforestation and conservation efforts. By identifying degraded areas that require restoration or protection, governments and organizations can allocate resources efficiently and develop targeted strategies based on solid evidence.

Picterra is at the forefront of efforts to combat deforestation, powered by its cloud-native and machine learning platform. (Image courtesy: Picterra)

The impact of geospatial AI in combating deforestation

Geospatial AI has already made a significant impact in the fight against deforestation. Global Forest Watch leverages geospatial AI to provide near-real-time forest change data, aiding governments, NGOs and other stakeholders in monitoring deforestation globally. Collaborative partnerships between companies like SkyFi and Picterra enable the tracking of land-use changes and the assessment of the impact of mining operations on surrounding ecosystems. Partnerships between organizations like the Rainforest Foundation and Planet utilize geospatial AI to monitor illegal logging activities and provide evidence for legal actions.

Picterra, as a leading geospatial AI company, is at the forefront of efforts to combat deforestation. By providing state-of-the-art AI and satellite imaging capabilities, Picterra empowers governments, NGOs and businesses to effectively monitor land-use changes, assess deforestation risks, ensure supply chain compliance and support reforestation and conservation efforts.

The new EU deforestation law represents a crucial step in addressing global deforestation. The potential of geospatial AI to revolutionize deforestation monitoring, enforcement and mitigation has been demonstrated in various successful use cases. With companies like Picterra leading the way, the European Union is well-equipped to enforce the legislation effectively and drive sustainable change. By harnessing the power of geospatial AI, the EU can work towards its ambitious goal of halting global deforestation, securing a more sustainable future for all.

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