Heat Loss Maps Using New Technology - 13/12/2010

An aircraft fitted with specially developed survey equipment is taking to the skies over Britain\'s cities at night. Using a new super-sensitive thermal sensor, Leicestershire-based aerial mapping company Bluesky is capturing highly accurate measurements of heat loss from buildings. The results of these night-time thermal surveys will provide local authorities, energy providers and even householders with intelligence to tackle energy inefficiency and fuel poverty.

Bluesky's new ‘microbolometer' thermal camera has been specifically designed for airborne surveying and is ideal for use in aircraft flying at night. Combined with an advanced navigation and positioning system and improved sensor control and user interface Bluesky's new generation thermal mapping system allows very accurate measurements of heat loss from individual property roofs to be recorded with higher precision and more consistent results than systems used in the past.

"We are using the only fully integrated geospatial thermal infrared system in use in the UK and it is enabling significant improvements in the accuracy and efficiency of data capture," commented Rachel Tidmarsh Managing Director of Bluesky International. "Local authorities in particular are trying to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions and the accurate heat loss maps created from the thermal surveys enable better targeted and more effective energy efficiency campaigns."

Last updated: 27/02/2018