Hemisphere GPS Launches Punjabi Version of Outback S-Lite - 17/11/2009

A new version of the Outback S-Lite GPS guidance system has been launched by Hemisphere GPS. The new product carries over all the proven features of the existing versions and now also supports the Punjabi language. The compact size, expandable features and sub-meter accuracy of the Outback S-Lite make it an ideal entry-level GPS guidance solution for farming applications including spraying, spreading, broad-acre tillage and seeding applications.

The Punjabi Outback S-Lite recognizes Gurmukh script and is targeted at the Punjab state in the northern agriculture region, known for its larger farms compared to the rest of India. According to the Government of Punjab, the region has more than 46 million acres in cultivated farmland and houses India's largest farming tractor population. Punjab produces 1% of the world's rice and 2% of the world's wheat and cotton and, with the highest per hectare fertiliser consumption in India, consumes more than 9% of the total fertiliser consumption of all India.  

"The Outback S-Lite has both the features and the price point to compete in India's growing marketplace," says Dr Mohamed Abousalem, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Hemisphere GPS. "We acknowledge the tremendous opportunity that exists in India with the largest arable land after the US. We will continue to adapt our products to meet the needs of this and other growing markets."

With the release of the Punjabi language capability, the Outback S-Lite guidance system now supports more than 20 international languages. By making the Outback Guidance products more inclusive of growth market regions worldwide, Hemisphere GPS continues its commitment to broadening its global market share.

For more information about Hemisphere GPS, please visit www.hemispheregps.com.

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