HERE Launches Advanced AI-based Mapmaking Technology

HERE Launches Advanced AI-based Mapmaking Technology

HERE Technologies, a world-leading location platform, unveiled UniMap at CES 2023, describing it as a "revolutionary, highly automated mapping technology" that enables rapid creation of digital maps and location products.

HERE has been developing the technology over the last three years in close collaboration with automotive groups including BMW Group. Primed for a rollout to selected customers in 2023 ahead of coming fully online for all HERE customers by 2024, UniMap is designed to deliver unmatched levels of map freshness, quality and coverage. At the heart of the HERE platform, the technology will produce the entire HERE map as well as enable customers to rapidly create their own private maps and customized location services.

Utilizing AI for Data Processing and Creation

Giovanni Lanfranchi, senior vice president and chief product & technology officer of HERE Technologies, said: “Ever since we started out mapping California in the mid-1980s, we’ve been seeking to shrink the time it takes to detect a real-world change, reflect it in the map and get it into the hands of our customers. The turnaround time in our industry has typically been measured in months. With UniMap, we provide anytime access to a unified map that’s refreshed in hours, minutes or seconds. This is a big leap forward for anyone building applications that use location data.”

UniMap is regarded as a highly advanced technology that utilizes AI to automate the processing and creation of map data. By gathering data from various sources such as vehicle cameras, Lidar, and IoT devices, UniMap is able to produce a unified, semantically consistent digital representation of reality. This allows for real-time updates to the map, reflecting any changes in the physical world within 24 hours. All data is stored in a centralized environment, allowing for easy accessibility to customers at all times.

Furthermore, businesses can leverage UniMap to seamlessly integrate and connect their own location data with other sources, enabling the creation of new products in a matter of hours. Edzard Overbeek, CEO of HERE Technologies, stated that UniMap represents a revolutionary advancement in mapmaking, with potential applications in areas such as automated transportation, smart logistics and urban mobility.

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