Hexagon to Host Digital Twin of the Netherlands

Hexagon to Host Digital Twin of the Netherlands

Hexagon’s Geosystems division and Dutch company Cyclomedia are partnering in the latter’s mission to create a complete digital twin of the Netherlands. The Dutch use HxDR, Hexagon’s cloud-based visualization and collaboration platform for geospatial data and services, to host 3DNL, a complete virtual representation of the country. HxDR allows users to unlock the data within 3DNL and take advantage of HxDR’s range of functions and features to explore and utilize 3DNL.

Hexagon provided a wide range of technology that helped Cyclomedia to create 3DNL, the most realistic digital 3D geographic representation of the entire nation. To capture the Netherlands, Cyclomedia partnered with Hexagon to fly the Leica CityMapper-2, the world’s only hybrid oblique imaging and Lidar airborne sensor. HxDR then enabled the geospatial data and software that built 3DNL to be visualized by users worldwide.

Multitude of reality capture data applications

“The partnership with Hexagon enables Cyclomedia to create an innovative 3D data product such as 3DNL,” said Frank Pauli, CEO of Cyclomedia. “Hexagon provides access to the latest technology, including the HxDR cloud-based visualization platform, hybrid airborne sensor solutions and processing software combined with continuous technical support. Creative business partnerships such as the one we have with Hexagon are the key ingredient to drive innovation in the geospatial industry.”

Geometrically accurate 3D maps and models within 3DNL can be used in many applications enabled by HxDR. Tasks such as importing CAD and BIM data, importing reality capture data, automesh of reality capture data, virtual tours and flythroughs, annotations, and photosphere locations are possible. 3DNL is hosted on HxDR and fully integrated in Street Smart, Cyclomedia’s web viewer.

Features include 3D city mesh measurements (distance, height, volume), asset management, sun and shadow analyses that enable solar capacity calculations and high-rise simulations, and building cross-section analysis. The platform is also ideal for visualizing projects for public review and allowing the virtual collaboration of project stakeholders in any field.

Democratizing geospatial data

“As a technology provider, we strive to offer innovative solutions and business models that meet our customers’ needs,” said John Welter, president, geospatial content solutions at Hexagon. “The collaboration with Cyclomedia showcases how geospatial partnerships can deliver innovative products that serve the public, solve problems and democratize geospatial data. Ultimately, the partnership provides better, faster, and easier access to accurate digital twins of the real world to help professionals do their very best work with the best data.”

Geometrically accurate 3D maps and models within 3DNL can be used in many applications enabled by HxDR.


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