Hi-Target Wins Myanmar Ministry of Agriculture Tender for 100 Total Stations - 29/11/2013

Hi-Target, one of the largest public companies in China’s surveying industry, recently won the bid to supply 100 total stations in the tender announced by Settlement and Land Record Department at the Ministry of Agriculture in Myanmar. The total stations will help the Myanmar Ministry of Agriculture to collate data and value and manage land accurately and professionally.

According to official information, this important global tender had attracted more than 30 competitors in the industry, including top-ranked brands from Europe, the USA, Japan and China. A representative officer from the Myanmar Ministry of Agriculture said that the excellent performance of the total station along with strong business support and its reliable background as a listed company were the key elements in Hi-Target winning the tender.

Kelly Liang, sales manager in Hi-Target’s international marketing department, said the success of the Hi-Target Group in the tender process reflects a further step for the company in securing its position in the South-East Asian market, thus opening up a new era in which Chinese surveying instruments are increasingly taking the lead in the international surveying industry.

Last updated: 22/02/2020