High-accuracy Field Data Collection for Smartphones and Tablets

High-accuracy Field Data Collection for Smartphones and Tablets

3-GIS, USA, and Gas Technology Institute (GTI) have partnered to develop an application that allows for high-accuracy GPS data to be collected on a smartphone or tablet device. 3-GIS has developed Express Solution, the latest Esri ArcGIS Server web-based and mobile mapping tool software. In conjunction with GTI, it has integrated a high-accuracy external GPS receiver with the Android operating system to allow tablet-based data collection that results in high-quality GPS data.

The high-accuracy GPS utilises a satellite-based correction system that provides sub-foot accuracy in real time without the need for post-processing. This streamlined process will significantly reduce the total cost of collecting GPS data because it will virtually eliminate the need for back-office processing and integration.

Combining this application with other software being developed by 3-GIS and GTI will allow users to attach GPS data directly to assets in the GIS while in the field. This new technology will be applied to recording the location of new main and service installations as well as other assets such as marker balls.

With the two current options available for GPS to record locations, companies were forced to choose between expensive systems requiring sophisticated users to collect and then post-process the data or low-cost solutions that do not provide the required level of accuracy.

GTI and 3-GIS will be testing and demonstrating the new technology throughout the summer of 2012. In addition, pilot projects and implementation support will be provided throughout the duration of 2012.

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