Hyperspectral Imaging Sensor - 08/04/2010

Specim, Spectral Imaging is launching a high-resolution hyperspectral imaging sensor with exceptional performance and the dimensions required for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and other challenging applications. The V10M sensor operates in the VIS/NIR range of 380 - 1000nm and provides spectral and spatial imaging with negligible sub-pixel distortions (smile, keystone).


The current sensor has an excellent spatial resolution of 1300 pixels, and a 2000 pixel version is to be released later this year. The high resolution does not compromise the imaging speed, which reaches 100 images/s, and even higher rate with spectral binning. The specifications meet the most demanding requirements for target detection with a wide swath width for efficiency in airborne uses, as well as provide superior performance in industrial quality control applications. The extreme performance from a light-weight sensor of less than 0.9kg (2lb), including the spectrograph and camera, and in a format optimised to fit to small payload compartments and gimbals is the signature of the new M series sensors.


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