IGIplan v1.4.0 - 22/03/2011


IGI has released a new version of IGIplan, which makes the solution more stable, powerful and useful. All new features are illustrated in video tutorials.


One of the new features in the package is live GSD Classification - Colorisation of DTM to determine areas where given data resolution is within your set constraints. This feature is supported for Digital Cameras (GSD), Analog Cameras (Scale) and Lidar (dots/area). It features a snappy live calculation: the classification adapts interactively whilst changing the parameters of the planning.

Also added is Area Propose DTM, which dynamically calculates base-length and line distance in relation to the DTM in a given target area. This is similar to Block DTM, but respects a target area polygon.

Side Overlap Estimation calculates side overlap, both segment-based and image-based and the (re-) sorting of line numbers is a tool allowing to sort line numbers automatically or by selection order.

In this version of IGIplan, the recently discontinued NASA DTM (SRTM) services are available again, now with a faster tiling algorithm supported by NASA. The new version allows to see the parameters of IGI provided coordinate systems and to add self-defined systems with the new Coordinate System Editor. Systems edited with this editor can also be used in IGI's AEROoffice, which also has been updated.

Last updated: 15/11/2019