Imagery Production Orders for GeoEye - 25/10/2011

GeoEye has received two new awards worth more than USD25 million. These awards will increase the backlog for the company's production services line of business. The first is a Delivery Order for "Enhanced GEOINT Delivery" for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). This Delivery Order is authorised under the EnhancedView award that GeoEye received from the NGA in August 2010. The second award is a subcontract with The Boeing Co. for Controlled Image Base production. The Boeing Co. contract provides products to the NGA.


Under the first new Delivery Order, GeoEye will supply a significant amount of value-added commercial imagery over a large geographic area and distribute it through the Company's EnhancedView Web Hosting Service. As part of this new Enhanced GEOINT Delivery award, the Company will expand the EnhancedView Web Hosting Service to support third-party data, crisis imagery and new government portals.


Under the Boeing subcontract, which was expected earlier in the year, the Company will provide highly precise imagery products from multiple satellite imagery sources, including imagery from GeoEye's high-resolution satellites. The Controlled Image Base products will continue to provide seamless imagery to support command and control, mission planning and rehearsal for domestic and military operations.


Last updated: 19/01/2020