Implementation ERDAS Photogrammetry Solutions - 17/09/2008

Department for Planning & Infrastructure (DPI), a government agency in Western Australia has selected several ERDAS photogrammetry solutions for analysing coastline movements, engineering, maritime facility mapping and nautical charting.

DPI is implementing LPS, ERDAS' signature photogrammetry solution that integrates software tools to streamline production-mapping workflows. LPS will be used to capture coastline movement information from current aerial photography. Coastal engineers can use LPS to study areas of the coastline in 3D and make better informed decisions about potential coastline movement and infrastructure impacts.


IMAGINE Autosync enables DPI to rectify old imagery to accurate present day aerial mosaics. Because older photography does not have aero triangulation, this module removes the need for performing aero triangulation calculations. DPI also purchased Leica Geosystems' TopoMouse Hand-held Controller, a high-performance, ergonomic free-hand device for digital photogrammetric workstations and Planar's SD2420W 24" Widescreen Stereo/3D Monitor, which will enhance their stereo viewing experience.


Last updated: 13/11/2019