Improving the Quality of Mobile Data Collection

TerraGo, specialised in geospatial collaboration and enterprise mobility software, has announced the availability of TerraGo Edge 3.7, which features smart forms as well as new GPS features and GIS enhancements. TerraGo Edge smart forms can dramatically accelerate the data collection process by automating and accelerating user entries while also eliminating any unnecessary or redundant steps. Smart forms can be completely customised to meet the unique workflow requirements of customers in any industry.

With TerraGo Edge, TerraGo aims to deliver the best of both worlds to field operations and GIS departments with its open platform design and integration. With the GIS and GPS enhancements in TerraGo Edge version 3.7, field project teams can rapidly collect data with intelligent, user-defined forms, survey-grade accuracy and custom basemaps, including real-time, centimetre-level accuracy and ArcGIS Online custom basemaps.

TerraGo Edge’s new smart forms do much more than just transition data entry from pen and paper to mobile devices with advanced features that improve worker productivity, and make data collection faster and more accurate, said Dave Basil, vice president of products and services at TerraGo. The new mobile form design takes full advantage of the mobile interface to reimagine and reinvent the field user experience for data collection, he added.

Learn more about the latest enhancements in the upcoming webinar on 15 September 2015 at 12:00 PM ET. Register Now.