India to launch Remote Sensing Satellite - 08/04/2008

India plans to launch an advanced Remote Sensing Satellite, Cartosat-2A, on April 28 along with a Third World Satellite (TWSAT) and eight nano satellites on board home-built polar satellite launch vehicle (PSLV) from its spaceport of Sriharikota.


ISRO sources said that Cartosat-2A is a follow-up of Cartosat-2, launched in January last year. Cartosat-2A will carry a panchromatic camera capable of providing scene-specific spot imageries for cartographic and other applications.

TWSAT would be a co-passenger, along with eight nano satellites, which have come from countries including the Netherlands, Canada and Germany, ISRO sources said.

TWSAT is the first satellite in the micro satellite series envisaged at providing a 100 kg class satellite platform for carrying payloads for earth imaging, space science, atmospheric and ocean studies. The satellite will carry a multi-spectral camera. Data generated will be transmitted to user terminals, pc-based systems along with RF downlink and antenna systems.

Last updated: 17/02/2020