Intergeo 2018: Geoinformation as the DNA of Digitalisation - 22/03/2018

Digital through and through, and it’s all thanks to geoinformation. True to its slogan ‘Geoinformation – the DNA of digitalisation’, Intergeo is kicking off the year with a pioneering conference programme. As the live platform for this truly dynamic high-tech sector, Intergeo is showcasing top speakers and cutting-edge topics in digitalisation and its technologies – from cloud solutions and artificial intelligence to the applications and processes of virtual and augmented reality.

This year’s Intergeo event is focusing on the digital transformation of business and society. From 16 to 18 October 2018, the Intergeo conference in Frankfurt will contextualise key developments and scenarios for a geoinformation-based digital future.

As a cutting-edge location for both businesses and universities that boasts an excellent international reputation, Frankfurt offers the perfect conditions for hosting this leading international trade fair. Over the course of three days, the spotlight will be placed on the products, solutions, know-how, innovations and visions behind geoinformation in the era of digitalisation, explained Prof Hansjörg Kutterer, president of the Intergeo host, DVW (German Society for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land Management). He added that his team confidently labels geoinformation the DNA of digitalisation. After all, in the same way as humans are shaped by their genes, geoinformation is steering the digital revolution.

Completely digital

As the world’s leading trade fair and conference for geodesy, geoinformation and land management, Intergeo sees itself as a trendsetter in a rapidly changing world where processes are becoming more efficient and results are improving. Kutterer stated the procedures and results of our work are all changing and new business models are coming to the fore. The change will be seamless and the future completely digital. Data, processes, results – all will be easily accessible from a digital, technical and legal viewpoint. Everything will be prepared and processed in the cloud using artificial intelligence processes, and we will use virtual and augmented reality methods for displaying and creating value. This will make combining, integrating and evaluating data a simple undertaking. The working processes that these end-to-end, web-based services and applications create will be far superior to today’s in terms of mobility and efficiency, he continued.

The Intergeo 2018 conference programme

As the leading trade fair and showcase of geoinformation expertise, Intergeo’s conference programme reflects its aspiration to raise the bar on both a national and international scale. With 130 speakers, the event promises to be more diverse than ever before. Each day will start off with keynote speeches, followed by exciting presentations packed with expert insights and information. DVW president Kutterer, for instance, will be talking about “Opportunities and challenges for the geoindustry in the era of digital transformation”. Professor Jürgen Döldner from the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam will be examining artificial intelligence applications and virtual and augmented reality. A further keynote speech by Ron Bisio, from the international technology pioneer Trimble, will look at building information modelling and geoinformation for infrastructure planning.

The key focus of this year’s Intergeo is on digitalisation in the context of geoinformation, smart cities and villages, virtual and augmented reality, UAV applications, career opportunities and recruitment.

Specialist trade fair still on the up

With some 600 companies lining up to exhibit, the trade fair in Frankfurt is set to record even further growth. With another six months to go until the start, 80 percent of the space is already reserved.

The market leaders all confirmed their attendance early on. We have noticed a marked increase in international companies and businesses operating in the areas of smart cities and drone technology, said Christoph Hinte, managing director of HINTE Expo & Conference, which oversees the organizational management. Besides the traditional focus on marketing and sales targets, exhibitors are increasingly also using Intergeo’s first-class B2B environment for recruitment.

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