Intergeo 2024 puts UAV technology centre stage

Intergeo 2024 puts UAV technology centre stage

Taking place in the southern German city of Stuttgart this September, Intergeo 2024 will showcase advancements in drone technology. As highlighted by the introduction of the 'Unmanned Systems Stage', the event promises to be a focal point for innovative developments in UAV technology.

Themed "Everything that flies", this year's conference beckons attendees to delve into the realm of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and glimpse the future firsthand. Drones, once the stuff of science fiction, are now transforming diverse sectors, from critical infrastructure inspections to urban logistics, and beyond.

Curated by esteemed partners DVW – Society for Geodesy, Geoinformation, and Land Management, DGPF – German Society for Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformation, and UAV DACH e.V., the"Unmanned Systems event stands as an independent conference within Intergeo. It promises a dynamic platform for showcasing cutting-edge technologies, unveiling the latest workflows, and navigating the intricate legal landscape governing UAV operations.

Forefront of UAV technology

The Unmanned Systems Stage is not merely an event; it is set to be a rendezvous for pioneers pushing the boundaries of UAV applications. Through a rich tapestry of presentations, interactive discussions, and supreme networking opportunities, attendees will gain invaluable insights into the realm of UAV technologies, exploring the forefront of unmanned aviation, navigating the complex legal landscape governing drone operations, and discovering how leading companies are integrating drones into their operations, unlocking new avenues for growth and value creation.

Attendees are encouraged to mark their calendars for Intergeo 2024, scheduled to take place from 24-26 September in Stuttgart. This landmark event is poised to shape the future of the drone market.

Intergeo serves as the gateway to the future of the drone market for geospatial professionals. (Image courtesy: Intergeo/Fokuspokus Media)
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