Intergeo 2024 set to shape the future of geoinformation

Intergeo 2024 set to shape the future of geoinformation

The ticket shop for the highly anticipated Intergeo Conference 2024 is now open! Scheduled to take place from 24-26 September at Messe Stuttgart, this event promises to be the beating heart of the geospatial community. As the world’s leading platform for geoinformation, geodata and cutting-edge technologies, Intergeo 2024 will offer an unparalleled opportunity to explore the future of the industry through exciting lectures, dynamic discussions and invaluable networking opportunities.

This year, the conference will shine a spotlight on groundbreaking topics such as artificial intelligence in geoinformation applications, the advanced data economy, and innovative methods for business optimization and value creation through geodata. Attendees can look forward to gaining profound insights into Earth observation and environmental monitoring, the protection of critical infrastructures, and the latest developments in Smart City concepts, known as X-City 2.0.

Broad spectrum of geospatial topics

A major highlight of Intergeo 2024 is the emphasis on unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology. With the introduction of the 'Unmanned Systems Stage,' the event will showcase the latest advancements in UAV applications, from infrastructure inspections to urban logistics. Curated by prominent organizations such as DVW, DGPF, and UAV DACH e.V., this stage will offer a dynamic platform for exploring cutting-edge technologies, innovative workflows, and the legal landscape of UAV operations.

The event will also feature highlights such as presentations on digital twins, infrastructure BIM, innovative digitization strategies in geoinformation management, trends in official surveying administration, autonomous sensor systems, and laser scanning. These sessions will provide a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and developments shaping the geoinformation landscape.

The importance of geoinformation

The importance of geoinformation has never been more critical. It underpins validated decision-making in urban planning, transportation planning, energy planning, disaster preparedness, environmental protection, and resource management. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, cloud solutions, enhanced computing power, and graphical processors are driving rapid advancements in this field, making it essential for tackling global challenges like the climate crisis, urbanization, and resource security.

With over 600 international brands, industry leaders, associations and startups anticipated, Intergeo solidifies its role as the foremost event in the geospatial sector. This combined trade show and conference promotes dialogue and collaboration among key stakeholders, encouraging networking and cooperative efforts to advance geoinformation technologies and tackle global challenges.

GIM International takes pride in serving as one of the long-standing media partners of Intergeo, as teaming up and combining strengths not only benefits the geospatial community in exchanging knowledge but also promotes the industry and creates awareness. This collaboration also aims to engage students and encourage them to enter the sector, ensuring a vibrant future for the geospatial sector.

Don't miss the chance to engage in forward-thinking discussions and innovative exchanges at Intergeo 2024. Secure a ticket now to join global experts exploring the latest trends in the geoinformation industry. This transformative event promises invaluable insights and networking opportunities. Visit the ticket shop today to be part of this pivotal event shaping the future of geoinformation.

For more information on the focus on UAV technology at Intergeo 2024, see here.

Many companies already secured a booth for Intergeo 2024 at an early stage.
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