Intergeo Jobshaker Unites Career Entrants and Employers - 04/09/2013

The geomatics industry is facing increasing challenges. It spans a broad range of careers, yet there are not enough qualified specialists to be found. Intergeo, taking place from 8 to 10 October 2013 in Essen, Germany, is introducing a new recruitment format, the Jobshaker, designed to encourage interested school pupils, students and career starters into informal discussions with employers about the many different job profiles that make up the geodata industry.

Academia and administration are also competing with the usually better-paid positions in private industry when it comes to attracting the shrinking number of applicants. The high drop-out rate of 50% on engineering courses is having a particularly detrimental effect on the geo industry.

First, the employers will describe their companies in short, personal statements, and then the young people get the chance to ask industry representatives any questions about careers and working conditions while enjoying some refreshments. The Jobshaker will run for two days in the career section of the Trend and Media Forum.

Universities and other higher education institutions will be delivering numerous presentations on scientific developments and providing information on courses of study and further training for the duration of Intergeo. The DVW, German Association of Publicly Appointed Surveyors (BDVI) and German Association of Surveyors (VDV) will outline the various fields of work in the geo industry. More information about the various lines of work and career openings can already be found at

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