Intergraph Announces ImageStation Version 5.1 - 02/03/2007

Intergraph Corporation (AL, USA) has released version 5.1 of the ImageStation suite which drives higher productivity and throughput, and introduces ImageStation XE. This release makes orthophoto production more reliable and efficient, and several enhancements have been implemented to make the photogrammetric workflow more productive.

The ImageStation suite serves government, commercial photogrammetry and mapping agencies worldwide by enabling users to process digital photogrammetry workflows from project creation to orientation and triangulation, 3D feature collection and editing, Digital Terrain Model collection and editing, and orthophoto production using aerial and satellite sensors.

ImageStation XE is an integrated interface for other ImageStation products with a centralised environment through which users can control the project creation and production workflow. With ImageStation XE, users are no longer required to redefine project information at each step of the production workflow, and they may leverage a graphical representation of the input and output data. The user interface provides a centralized launch point for each application, and it acts as a common photogrammetry project information warehouse from which each application can retrieve input and output parameters and data.

Last updated: 28/02/2020