International Land Administration Congress - 04/10/2011

Kadaster and the Working Party on Land Administration (WPLA) are organising an international congress, ‘Land Administration in a Networked Society', from 12th to 15th October 2011 in the Barbizon Palace Hotel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The congress aims to offer a stage for exchange of experiences between land registers and cadastres of European and Central-Asian countries.



The WPLA is working with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, aiming to promote land registration. They organise workshops, review meetings and dedicated work groups. An efficiënt and effective land administration contributes to the securisation of property rights, development of real estate and a foundation for spatial planning and development of rural areas. Modernisation of land registration systems is an important focus of the WPLA. The changing role of data exchange in the ‘networked society' is an important issue between cadastres and land registration offices.


The congress is taking these developments on in various economical and social themes such as the ‘changing role and responsibility of organisations involved in land administration'; E-land Administration as the corner Stone for the implementation of E-Government'; ‘3D Cadastre, a new source of information for the society' and ‘Integrated solutions in Land Administration for improved decision making'.


The Netherlands Cadastre is host and organiser of congress, working together with international partners to ‘Serving society in a better way'.


Registration for the workshop is closed but people interested may contact the organisers.


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