International Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Community Gathers in Enschede - 13/06/2019

The ISPRS Geospatial Week is being held in the Dutch city of Enschede this week (from 10-14 June). The city is home to the internationally respected University of Twente, which is also the venue for this year’s gathering of geospatial professionals from across the globe. Whether to attend a presentation on ‘Façade Reconstruction for Textured LOD2 CityGML Models Based on Deep Learning and Mixed Integer Linear Programming’ or to meet up with fellow Lidar specialists from Down Under and elsewhere around the world, numerous delegates have travelled to the ISPRS Geospatial Week for a thorough update on what is going on in the exciting and innovative field of photogrammetry and remote sensing.

The topics being discussed throughout the week range from the quality of image-based point clouds from UAV imagery to a SLAM-based approach to mobile robot navigation. The applications being covered vary from urban planning and land administration to agriculture and forestry.

The conference programme comprises five different tracks throughout the day, resulting in a choice of over 275 oral presentations and more than 100 poster presentations. Delegates benefit from a first-rate overview of the scientific advancements thanks to the combination of the technical sessions and the exhibition. This edition of the ISPRS Geospatial Week also incorporates the UAV-g 2019 event.

Last updated: 14/10/2019