iPhone Turns Geospatial Data Collector

iPhone Turns Geospatial Data Collector

GeoSpatial Experts, developers of GPS-Photo Link photo-mapping software, have introduced GeoJot, an app that converts an iPhone or iPad 2 into a photo-based geospatial data collection tool. Available for purchase from the Apple App Store, GeoJot is a companion application created for exclusive use with GPS-Photo Link software for the PC.


iPhones and iPad 2s have built-in geotagging capabilities. GeoJot maximises the geotagging accuracy of the internal GPS chips by up to four times - putting it well within the accuracy specifications of many business-related photo-mapping applications.


GeoJot allows iPhone and iPad 2 users to enter attribute descriptions and attach them to photographs as they are taken. GPS-Photo Link can extract attribute information and the most accurate location information from the photo files to generate watermarked photos, printed reports, Esri shapefiles and geodatabases, and Google Earth files.


GeoSpatial Experts will demonstrate GeoJot in their booth #1400 at the Esri International User Conference being held 11th to 14th July 2011, in San Diego, CA, USA.


Routine photo-mapping applications of GPS-Photo Link now include real property field audits; emergency response deployments; environmental impact assessments; utility infrastructure inventories; water meter field audits; oil spill response documentation; wildlife surveys; crime scene mapping and mapping travel routes.


GPS-Photo Link software is available in two versions. GPS-Photo Link GIS Pro Series is designed for users who wish to use advanced coordinate systems or include photos in professional mapping software, such as Esri's ArcGIS. The Express Series is designed for users who want to document the locations of their photos but will not be integrating them into professional mapping systems.


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