ITT Wins GPS Command and Control Systems Contract - 06/12/2007

ITT Corporation (NY, USA) has been awarded a contract for the next-generation GPS Command and Control Systems designated OCX by the U.S. Air Force. ITT is part of a team led by Raytheon Company. The team will develop a system design and prototype of the OCX system. A system design review and prototype demonstration is scheduled for early 2009.

Already renowned for its GPS payloads, which are on every GPS satellite launched to date, ITT is now beginning to emerge as a major competitor in other segments of the GPS program.
OCX is intended to improve command and control of the GPS constellation, improve mission capabilities, and provide a more user-oriented environment. Once implemented, Air Force Space Command can improve operational services for civil and military customers worldwide. The first phase of the contract will focus on defining the long-range architecture, technical requirements, concepts of operations, and fielding capabilities incrementally. Issues related to the introduction of future GPS III satellite blocks into the constellation also will be part of the OCX's first contract phase.

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