Joint International Workshop on Post-2015 Nepal Earthquake - 18/01/2016

A joint international workshop on 'The Role of Land Professionals and Spatial Data Infrastructure in Disaster Risk Reduction in the Context of Post-2015 Nepal Earthquake' was successfully organised by FIG Commission 2 (Professional Education) and ISPRS WG IV/4 (Geospatial Data Infrastructure) from 25-27 November 2015 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Nepal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the Nepal Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society were the local organisers of this event. The other co-organisers were Survey Department of Nepal, Land Management Training Centre, Ministry of Land Reform and Management. The GSDI Association and GIM International were the event's media partners.


The workshop was inaugurated by Deputy Prime Minister Kamal Thapa. The Nepalese government has given high importance to this workshop. The other three ministers and high level officials from different ministries were also presented during this workshop. Professor Marguerite Madden, 2nd vice president of ISPRS delivered remarks note during opening ceremony. Professor Armin Grün, together with two other international scholars, delivered a keynote speech. In total, there were 355 participants among which 75 were the international participants representing 21 different countries. 56 papers were presented and 24 papers were related to SDI and Spatial Planning theme. Two plenary sessions were organised and there were separate sessions for business exposition and young surveyor network. 

Closing session

Minister Ram K. Subba of Land Reform and Management was the chief guest during the closing session. Dr. Dev Raj Paudyal, co-chair of ISPRS WG IV/4 delivered a closing remarks during closing ceremony. The minister provided an appreciation certificate to ISPRS WG IV/4 and on the behalf of ISPRS IV/4, Dr Dev Raj Paudyal received the certificate. A resolution of the workshop was presented and handed over to the minister, Ram K Subba for its implementation. A free social and cultural tour was also organised for interested participants to visit earthquake affected areas and other important touristic places at Kathmandu valley and Nagarkot (the origin of Geodetic Reference Framework in Nepal).


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