Joseph Kerski Assumes NCGE Presidency - 25/02/2011

Dr. Joseph Kerski, education manager for Esri, is the new president of the National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE, USA), a non-profit organisation chartered in 1915 to serve geography teachers at all levels of education.


NCGE works to promote and support geography education through the facilitation of professional development among teachers of geography; encouragement and support of research on geography education; development, publication, and promotion of geography learning materials; recognition of exceptional supporters and teachers of geography and collaboration with other organisations that have similar goals.


Commenting on why geography is important to twenty-first-century education Kerski says, "Geography enables students to understand their world locally to globally, make wise decisions about the planet and its resources, and become critical thinkers. Geography grapples with the key issues of our time—energy, water, biodiversity, climate, natural hazards, population, and much more.


"Esri has worked closely with the NCGE on curriculum, publications, and other projects for many years and values its relationship with the innovative educators who comprise the NCGE membership."  


Kerski joined NCGE in 1995, when he was a graduate school student. He has served the organisation as a member of both the External Relations Board and Remote Sensing Task Force. From 2008 to 2010, Kerski was the NCGE vice president of external relations.




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