Kullasoft Lauches Android Version of Surveyor App - 26/01/2017

Kullasoft has announced the Android version release of its PGM Manager app. This app was specifically developed by CEO Jimmy Pewtress to allow surveyors to capture control point data on-site, upload it to a web portal and create witness diagrams at the click of a button. This significantly minimises time on-site and thus increases productivity throughout the organisation. The PGM Manager app for surveyors already has 96 registered users and it can now officially be utilised by Android users too.

PGM Manager allows all the data surrounding the installation of a permanent ground marker (PGM) or control point to be captured on-site as the work is carried out. It can then be sent over the internet into Kulla, a web portal where surveyors can review and edit the information, view the markers on a map and generate custom witness diagrams at the push of a button.

Pewtress said after talking to a lot of surveyors over the past few months, it became apparent that the majority of smartphones used in the geospatial world run on Android. To accommodate this, Kullasoft has developed  the Android version of the PGM Manager app. To anybody who has already used the iOS version, it will look and feel almost identical.

To those who have been waiting to try it out, Kullasoft has tested on a variety of different phones and tablets running various Android versions to ensure surveyors should get the same quick and simple data logging experience on whatever device you are  using. Pewtress added he is looking forward to hearing about how people are getting on with Android out in the field. All future apps will be released with iOS and Android versions simultaneously.

Last updated: 27/02/2018