Laser Scanning Data Processor - 20/05/2010

The latest version of Pointools Edit utilises the full power of 64-bit for faster editing and processing of point cloud data, the millions of 3D measurements collected by laser scanning devices. The application builds on the features of View Pro visualisation software, with point cloud layer-based editing and segmentation. Pointools Edit also enables simple RGB re-colouring together with easy noise and obstruction cleaning.

Pointools Edit features point layer technology for flexibility and speed when editing point cloud data. Layers can be used to segment, clean and re-colour the huge data files created by laser scanning instruments. Colour errors can also be corrected using the 3D brush tool and layers can be locked for precise masking control. Pointools Edit also offers a flexible toolkit for cleaning of road noise or obstructions. This combination of tools and layer based editing make preparing data for downstream processing quick and easy.

Last updated: 25/11/2020