LAStools Toolbox for ERDAS Imagine 2014 Released - 08/04/2015

The latest release of LAStools from rapidlasso GmbH contains a new toolbox for ERDAS Imagine 2014, allowing the users of Hexagon Geospatial’s remote sensing software to utilise the rapidlasso Lidar processing modules. The tools have been fully integrated into the software so that they are also available as operators within the IMAGINE Spatial Modeler framework.

This new ERDAS Imagine 2014 toolbox is included in the latest version of the LAStools distribution. This release instantly augments the existing image analysis tools of Imagine 2014 with the point processing capabilities of LAStools. These new tools empower users to validate, quality-check, clean, classify, thin, raster, contour and compress Lidar point clouds in LAS or LAZ formats as well as directly consume and further analyse the resulting raster or vector products with the rich functionality of Imagine.

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Last updated: 27/02/2018