Lead’Air Launches New Aerial Lidar Platform - 09/11/2015

Lead Air, manufacturer of Track’Air aerial survey products, has announced the availability of one of its newest products, the MIDAR-H. The MIDAR-H is a newly designed aerial platform for concurrent capture of Lidar point cloud data and tri-view imagery for corridor and powerline mapping applications. Particularly adapted to low-level flight, the system is capable of delivering up to 300 megapixels per second of 0.25-inch (0.6cm) GSD colour imagery. Coupled with the RIEGL VUX-1LR capturing an effective measurement rate of up to 750,000 measurements per second, the MIDAR-H captures a complete view of the corridor from both forward and back views in a single pass.

The MIDAR-H has its own automated flight planning process created expressly for taking advantage of the fully compensated mount. Simply provide centreline data of the corridor segments users are acquiring and, with some basic information, the software will do the rest.

Nose mount

Because helicopters can fly slower and turn much tighter than fixed wing aircraft, the newly designed, fully compensating (+/- 40° roll, +/- 10° pitch and +/-30° yaw) helicopter nose mount enables users to fly winding corridors without dividing the flight into time-consuming multiple straight segments.

Although the systems are designed around a particular type of equipment Lead’Air has the manufacturing ability to reconfigure the equipment to work with other Lidar or camera systems. Additional information is available here.

Last updated: 05/03/2020