Leica ALS50-II Lidar System - 22/05/2006

Leica Geosystems (Switzerland) has released the Leica ALS50-II, an airborne laser scanner which allows data capture at pulse rates up to 150kHz, while offering improved accuracy.

With the Leica ALS50-II, users can enjoy the tightest possible planimetric spacing while achieving accuracy of 11cm (including GPS errors) at all pulse rates. The Leica ALS50-II is the only compact Lidar system in the market that offers this combination of pulse rate and accuracy.

Leica ALS50-II is the second generation of the Leica ALS50 and features other notable improvements, including:

  • expanded flying height envelope (200m – 6,000m AGL) and faster scan rates to 90Hz
  • simplified operation with all functions now controlled via advanced graphical user interface, and no need for discrete laser attenuators
  • incorporation of Leica Geosystems’ new IPAS GPS / inertial measurement engine
  • redesigned Control Electronics for a 54% reduction in volume and 33kg reduction in weight while improving reliability.

The Leica ALS50-II is a compact, airborne Lidar system designed to acquire topographical and return signal intensity data from numerous airborne platforms. The system computes this data using laser range and return signal intensity measurements recorded in-flight, along with position and attitude data taken from airborne GPS and inertial subsystems.

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