Leica GMX902 GG GPS + Glonass Receiver - 27/07/2007

Leica Geosystems (Switzerland) has released the Leica GMX902 GG, a high-performance GPS + Glonass receiver, specially developed to monitor sensitive structures such as bridges, mines or high rise buildings and crucial topographies such as land slides or volcanoes. It provides precise dual frequency code and phase data up to 20Hz, enabling precise data capture as the basis for highly accurate position calculation and motion analysis.

As with the other receivers in the GMX900 family, the GMX902 GG has been designed and built purely for monitoring applications. The key characteristics of the GMX900 family are low power consumption, high quality measurement, simplicity, durability. The Leica GMX902 GG is an ideal receiver for deformation monitoring with superior tracking of satellites from the both GPS and Glonass constellations. The GMX902 GG is also a suitable receiver for atmospheric studies and ionospheric scintillation research with 20Hz measurement of high precision dual frequency code, phase and signal to noise ratio.


The Leica GMX902 GG integrates with a suite of Leica Geosystems software for advanced data analysis and processing, data archiving, high speed and high accuracy displacement calculation, limit checks and messaging and combination with other sensor families.

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