Leica XPro 4.3 HiRes Ortho Processing - 27/04/2010

Leica XPro has been updated with several new features. Leica XPro 4.3 includes fast high-resolution orthophoto processing of RGB imagery by combining the HiRes data acquisition mode implemented in the Leica ADS product line with post-processing algorithms. With the new Leica HiRes capability orthophotos and orthomaps can be produced from imagery captured at up to two times higher flying altitude, thereby reducing flight lines and data acquisition costs.

Another new feature has been added to the Leica XPro Image Viewer. The new drawing tool allows the operator during the quality control process to highlight particular image areas that require a reflight, for instance due to cloud coverage. These marked-up areas can be used in the Leica FPES flight planning software to initiate re-flights immediately.

Other new features have been included in Leica XPro 4.3:
•Enhanced data validation and reporting in Data Preparation
•Minifier application for submitting L1 and L2 image pyramid generation jobs to distributed computation environment
•Support of Windows 7 64-bit OS for XPro workstation environment
•Improved performance in QC Viewer while loading images with radiometric correction

Leica XPro 4.3 is immediately available and has been delivered to first customers. Customers with software maintenance contract receive the Leica XPro 4.3 updates free of charge.

Last updated: 05/07/2020