LiDAR Compressor - 14/07/2009

LizardTech has released the LizardTech LiDAR Compressor. This product enables users to turn giant point cloud data into efficient MrSID files that retain 100% of the raw data at just 25% of the file size.



Unlike raw LAS or ASCII data, LiDAR files compressed to MrSID are easily managed resources from which derivatives can be extracted over and over again. One of the key features of LiDAR Compressor is its ability to reduce LiDAR file sizes by 75% while retaining all of the points and all of the point precision and accuracy of the original file. If users need even smaller files, LiDAR Compressor can reduce LiDAR file sizes by 90% with no perceptible loss.


With the release of LiDAR Compressor, LizardTech also unveils a new and improved version of the MrSID format called MrSID Generation 4 (MG4). It is still the same MrSID format users have known for years, but now with MG4 MrSID files support the compression of LiDAR data, which will allow users to view and access their LiDAR data faster.




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Last updated: 02/06/2020