LiDAR USA Announces CHC Partnership - 07/11/2013

LiDAR USA and CHC Navigation have announced an agreement to resell CHC’s GPS equipment with ScanLook. CHC Navigation, which is headquartered in Shanghai, China, with three locations in North America, will provide integrated portable GNSS base stations that are optimised for use with the ScanLook product line. The X900+ series uses the same NovAtel OEM6 board as is used internally within the ScanLook INS system.

In addition, LiDAR USA is expanding its INS offerings to include products which use a Trimble GNSS board which will be matched with the CHC X91+ base station for identical interchannel GNSS bias.

LiDAR USA stated that it is pleased to be able to offer the preconfigured and optimised CHC GPS base station equipment along with ScanLook as a single purchase making it easier for the first-time buyer to enter the market fully equipped and ready to work at the maximum accuracy possible.

Last updated: 30/05/2020