LiDARUSA Offers New Aircraft to Carry Full Range of UAV Scanners

LiDARUSA Offers New Aircraft to Carry Full Range of UAV Scanners

LiDARUSA, a leading company in the design and integration of Lidar sensors, has announced a partnership with Innoflight Technology, a manufacturer specializing in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or 'drone') systems for surveying, mapping and inspection. As a result of the partnership, LiDARUSA is offering the Galaxy 950 platform to carry any of its sensors while consistently providing flight times of over 30 minutes. 

Innoflight and LiDARUSA’s partnership is another step for both companies to offer turn-key solutions focused on quickly and safely acquiring high-quality data. Innoflight designed the Galaxy 950 to simplify the flying aspect of remote sensing with UAV. The helicopter includes a parachute, automatic takeoff/landing and extended visual line of sight capabilities to maximize productive time.

For corridor/electric utility line projects, the Galaxy 950 pairs well with the recently announced CL-90 by Teledyne Optech. As the first integration partner of the new compact Lidar system, LiDARUSA is offering maximum productivity at UAV flight ceilings while achieving improved canopy penetration and exceptional downward point density.

“LiDARUSA and Innoflight Technology are both committed to customer success, and this partnership provides the whole package for Lidar mapping solutions with UAV,” said Jeff Fagerman, CEO of LiDARUSA. “Innoflight’s Galaxy 950 offers exceptional performance in safety, flight duration and ease of use, which is what our customers need for their projects.”

The Galaxy 950 is now available from LiDARUSA as an integrated package with any of its scanning systems.

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