Looking Ahead: ISPRS Congress 2020

Looking Ahead: ISPRS Congress 2020

The XXIV ISPRS Congress, which is the congress for the geospatial community held every four years, will take place in 2020 in the gorgeous city of Nice, on the Mediterranean Sea, from 14-20 June. Nice is the cosmopolitan and multicultural capital of the French Riviera and is an outstanding location between the sea and the Alps, close to the Italian border, where culture and heritage meet the cutting-edge technology of Sophia Antipolis, the French Silicon Valley. The Acropolis congress centre is in the heart of the city, just a four-minute walk from the old town of Nice, a ten-minute walk from the beaches, and 17 minutes by tramway from the airport.

The ISPRS 2020 Congress will cover a full week. A rich programme will enable participants to keep up with the state of the art in terms of the current trends in science, technology and business, to meet and network with a very large number of experts, and to cross-fertilise with colleagues coming from neighbouring fields. This congress will gather together leading specialists and technologists, engineers, researchers and students in the field of photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences coming from universities, research foundations, mapping and spatial agencies, public organisations, private companies and end users.

Industry meets science

Throughout the week, there will be six science-oriented parallel tracks devoted to the presentations of new high-quality contributions in the scope of the five technical commissions of ISPRS (sensor systems, photogrammetry, remote sensing, spatial information science, and education and outreach). One other scientific track will address special thematic subjects. Besides these scientific tracks, there will be two other tracks. A fora track will address the interaction between science, public organisations, industry and decision-makers on hot topics for the geospatial community (global mapping & resource monitoring, smart-cities, autonomous navigation, digital globes & geoplatforms, open science & open source & open data). An industry track will also be introduced for the first time, dedicated to industry presentations of new technologies and products. Networking events will be organised too, including ‘speed dating’ aimed at enabling students and professionals to meet up with companies.

The ISPRS 2020 Congress will also hold a strong three-day exhibition featuring both private and public companies. This exhibition will give attendees the unique opportunity to get an update on the advancements in new geospatial technologies and solutions (satellite systems, Lidar systems, hyperspectral imaging systems, mobile mapping systems, UAVs, virtual and augmented reality devices, serious games, 3D printing, big geodata processing, GIS technologies, geodata warehouses, geovisualisation, geoservices, VGI technologies, Spatial Data Infrastructures, etc.) and their applications (digital globes and portals, web services for geoplatforms, very-high-resolution mapping, UAV data acquisition and mapping, road mapping, road construction, underground and indoor mapping, cultural heritage, geodecision-making, urban planning, smart and sustainable cities, 3D city models, 3D road and street models, virtual and augmented reality geovisualisation, autonomous navigation and driving, street mobility diagnosis for the disabled, etc.).

The ISPRS 2020 Congress will be hosted by SFPT (the French society of photogrammetry and remote sensing), and will be organised with the support of the major French public institutions dealing with photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences. Director of the ISPRS Congress is Nicolas Paparoditis, member of the ISPRS Council and director of research and education at IGN-France.

The ISPRS 2020 Congress will take place in 2020 in the gorgeous city of Nice.
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