Mapshop Essential Survey Mapping - 01/07/2011


Mapshop, an innovative online shop hosted by the geoportal emapsite, is now also available through the website of the geospatial survey firm Technics Group. Clients of this survey consultancy have a direct route into the UK's portfolio of downloadable map data for feasibility and site work.

The companies' new partnership will benefit the Technics Group client base of land and property professionals such as architects, developers, building contractors and civil engineers, all keen to access site-centred topographic mapping, aerial photography and height and terrain data. A range of environmental, flood and utilities reports tailored to their chosen site is available.

Mapshop, at, is a completely plug-in free application so it can be used on any browser. With Mapshop, users can search for their location and view the most up to date and detailed mapping and imagery captured for the site at no cost. They then mark up their project boundary and extract exactly the layers of information they need in a chosen format that will load into their software so they can get on with the job in hand with no delay.

Andrew Murrin of the design-based, multi-disciplined MBH Partnership, a client of Technics Group, said: "Both the range of data available via Mapshop and the flexible choice of formats are outstanding. Mapshop completely speeds up the process of accessing the data we need to analyse sites and generate survey reports."


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