Mena3d and Pythagoras Sign Partnership - 19/10/2015

Mena3D has announced a recently signed business partnership with Pythagoras, a CAD & GIS solution for surveying, infrastructure, construction, agriculture and dredging. From now on Mena3D will bring the software from Belgium to the Middle Eastern region and North Africa.

Jan van Looy, sales director at Pythagoras, stated he is proud of the partnership with Mena3D. Being an expert in the geospatial industry, the company is honoured that Mena3D is adding Pythagoras CAD & GIS to its product line. Thanks to Mena3D, surveyors and engineers in North Africa and the Middle East will have the opportunity to learn about Pythagoras software and how it can add value to their workflow, Van Looy added.

Dr. Khaled El Nabbout, general manager of Mena3D, said that through listening to its clients, partners, schools and employees, the Pythagoras software is able to deliver its users the best CAD & GIS experience possible. Providing solutions for surveying, infrastructure, construction, agriculture and dredging in an all-in-one package, they can target a broad group of customers in the Middle East and North Africa and help them improve their efficiency. As this is one of Mena3D’s main goals, the company is happy to have partnered with Pythagoras. 

Last updated: 31/10/2020