Parent Company of Microdones Acquires GeoCue

Parent Company of Microdones Acquires GeoCue

GeoCue has been acquired from its founders by mdGroup, the owner of Microdrones, for an undisclosed amount. With the acquisition, mdGroup positions itself to respond to increasing demand for drone-enabled precision deliverables including classified and colourized point clouds, volume calculation and contour maps.

A pioneer in aerial Lidar mapping technology, GeoCue primarily serves the US mapping, surveying and engineering industry through its TrueView line of UAV Lidar and imaging sensors and Lidar data processing software, TrueView EVO/LP360. GeoCue designs, develops and manufactures its products in Triana, Alabama, and derives most of its sales from the US market.

The acquisition of GeoCue is expected to strengthen mdGroup’s leadership as a provider of high-end drone surveying technologies and represents another milestone in the mdGroup's one-stop-shop strategy.

Fully integrated aerial imagery system

GeoCue joins Microdrones as another portfolio company of mdGroup focused on the aerial surveying industry. mdGroup now addresses the full spectrum of professional surveyors. Both companies will continue to serve customers as they have come to trust and expect. They can choose Microdrones' fully-integrated survey equipment and the mdInfinity cloud data processing platform or GeoCue Lidar payloads and EVO/LP360 data processing desktop software.

In the near term, the purchase of GeoCue will not yield any visible change for GeoCue or Microdrones customers. However, mdGroup sees significant immediate benefits in this acquisition for both companies. "It considerably enriches their collective expertise in aerial Lidar technology, consolidates mdGroup’s presence in the US market and opens the door to the European market for GeoCue products," according to Francois Gerner, CFO of mdGroup.

The acquisition further establishes mdGroup as the go-to provider of industrial-grade, high-quality and Western-made aerial surveying equipment and software. In the medium to long term, mdGroup expects customers of both companies to benefit from the outcome of the collaboration between GeoCue and Microdrones in the technical field.

The mdLiDAR3000DL from the Microdrones expert UAV line.
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