Microsoft Integrates Azure Location Based Services into the Cloud - 08/01/2018

Microsoft has announced the public preview of Azure Location Based Services, a new cloud offering to power the “Location of Things”. This will improve connectivity between geographical data, smart cities, infrastructure and IoT solutions; and empower a range of industrial transformations.

Azure Location Based Services provides an enterprise-ready location service for customers to build mobility, asset tracking and other geospatial applications that provide useful insights through one dashboard and one subscription.

The service allows enterprises to connect their assets to the cloud and give them significant insights into how their data can be utilised further when combined with location-based data. Examples of benefits include a department of transportation using Azure to analyse and improve traffic in congested cities, freight companies providing improved fleet management and logistics, and businesses tracking the location of assets and be notified when their location changes.

Azure Location Based Services allows users to create maps directly so that they can be included in a JavaScript Map Control API or a Render API. It also includes the ability to search, display traffic data, and perform routing and geocoding. The service works alongside Bing Maps, Azure Search, Cosmos DB, Azure Stream Analytics, SQL Server, AI for Earth, and Universal Windows Platform.

Microsoft is building digital infrastructure on its cloud with hundreds of thousands of partners from the automotive, smart city and location industries including TomTom, Cubic Telecom, Fathym and ICONIQ, BrightBox, Cubic Transportation, Delphi and Otonomo.

Esri also intends to join Azure in order to provide business customers with a complete set of location data management, digital mapping and geographic analytics (provided through Esri’s ArcGIS suite and developer APIs).

Last updated: 13/11/2018