MicroSurvey Point Cloud CAD 2010 - 16/12/2009

The Point Cloud CAD 2010 is Microsurvey's latest product that allows the individual to work with Point Cloud and LIDAR data with ease. MicroSurvey has spent the last year working with Leica Geosystems on creating a product called Leica ForensicMAP and in doing so saw a need for the Civil Engineering and Land Surveying sectors and created the Point Cloud CAD 2010.

Microsurvey's system allows with the powerful Point Cloud Engine to work with hundreds of millions of points with ease and the ability to create line work very quickly, surface models and contours directly from the Point Cloud.

Point Cloud CAD 2010 can simply create point cloud animations with minimal clicks and easily showcase and animate CAD objects in the Point Cloud. Built on the highly successful MicroSurvey CAD 2010 platform our Point Cloud CAD 2010 uses the same rendering program used in products like MicroStation and 3DStudio and uses the Leica PCE engine the same as in Leica Cyclone.

Last updated: 25/11/2020