MicroSurvey Releases STAR*NET V7 - 13/07/2011

MicroSurvey is releasing a significant update to STAR*NET, a least-squares utility used by land surveyors for network adjustment and quality control. The new Version 7 brings workflow enhancements to help speed up this part of the process.


The development team has focused on bringing unobtrusive workflow tools and user interface enhancements. More data import and conversion utilities, a better (and customisable) layout for multi-file projects, better plot visualisation and navigation tools, a project manager for quick-starting and organising commonly-used files, a colour-coded data file editor, point search tools, more QC checks (e.g., differential leveling and GPS vector loop closure checks) and much more.

Every surveyor who currently has a copy of STAR*NET is strongly advised to get this update. This version is suited for surveyors not yet using STAR*NET to correct and clean up their data before mapping.


Last updated: 19/10/2017