Minicad 5.1 Surveying CAD Software

Minicad 5.1 Surveying CAD Software

MiniCAD 5.1 is available for download from the Mapsoft website. The new version has been improved compared to the earlier edition.

MiniCAD 5.1 is capable of

  • Full unit internationalisation of product for use around the world

  • Geo-reference images such as aerial photos and digital survey plans

  • Freehand sketch over these images to capture irregular features such as river banks or regular features such as buildings

  • Trim / Extend lines and arcs

  • Create multiple surface models (TINs) in a job

  • Produce cut / fill volume reports between the surface models

  • Areas are calculated by simply clicking inside the lot

  • Polylines can be created for lots and road centrelines

  • Polylines can be automatically annotated with bearing and distances, which are automatically pdated as the polyline is moved.

  • Multiple editing / deletion of data

  • Real-time data recorder ability. Can connect to most total stations


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