Mobile GIS Software for Improved Park Maintenance - 29/10/2013

Supergeo Technologies has announced that the nature park of Conero, Italy, has employed SuperPad 3.1a to efficiently capture spatial and attribute data to help develop and implement feasible park management plans in order to sustain a balance between human needs and nature.

Today, the increasing environmental awareness has promoted the conservation on everyone's minds. Public parks are considered as effective approaches to protect and preserve nature. GIS allows ecologists and decision makers to better understand the natural environment through accurate geographical data and analysis and therefore to make prompt decisions on sustainable natural resource management.  


SuperPad 3.1a allows surveyors to effortlessly collect, display, and report environmental data for greater open space protection, conservation practices, as well as park maintenance and management. The mobile GIS software also offers Online Map Tool that enables users to improve field operations by applying online map sources like OpenStreetMap as basemaps without preparing pre-generated map ahead.

Helix is Supergeo’s principal business partner in Italy. The company focuses on providing the local governments and enterprises with custom GIS platforms to overcome their geospatial-related problems. Supergeo will continue cooperating closely with Helix in order to meet the demand of GIS solutions in the broad European market.    

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