Monitoring Russian Wildfire Rage - 30/05/2011


Wildfires in Yakutia, Russia, are being monitored by ScanEx specialists. Over the past week UniScan ground stations have received highly detailed optical images from the SPOT 5 satellite covering one and the same territory twice within an interval of several days.

Multi-temporal satellite imagery enables to assess the changes in burnt areas, smoke direction and fire intensity.

Data about the geography of possible fires is updated daily on the thematic SFMS service "Kosmosnimki - Fires" (see link below).

According to mass media the area of natural fires almost doubled the 2010 figures. If in 2010 the fire blazes covered the area of almost 150 thousand hectares, this year the number constituted almost 300 hectares. The most complicated situation is in the Irkutsk, Amur and Tyumen regions and Krasnoyarsk Territory, as well as in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).


Last updated: 27/02/2018