MPA 'Kartografija' Chooses for the Mercator Publishing Solution - 29/03/2005

STAR INFORMATIC (Belgium) has announced that the Mapping Production Association 'Kartografija' (MPA Kartografija) from the Russian Federation has chosen to implement Mercator in its cartographic production process.
MPA Kartografija is currently the largest cartographic publisher in the region. It has been founded in 1938 by the world famous institute Roskartografija (Federal Agency of Geodesy and Cartography of Russia).
MPA Kartografija combines the functions of the author-creator and publisher of a wide range of cartographic works. More than 200 highly skilled specialists, up-to-date equipment, latest digital technologies and many years' experience provide for the development and publishing of various cartographic production of the high quality level.
Such fundamental works as National Atlas of Russia, Atlas of the World, geographical map of Russia on a 1:2 500 000 scale, Geological and Geophysical Atlases of Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Seismographic and Tectonic Maps of Russia can serve an example.
There have been developed and published about 70 various kinds of wall maps and 14 kinds of atlases for educational institutions, about 100 types of reference maps of the world countries, roads and tourist maps and atlases, political and physical maps of the world, Europe and separate continents on various scales, maps for offices, governmental and administrative bodies, exclusive maps. Facsimile, souvenir maps, atlases and other types of production have been manufactured as well. Every year the company carries out works on development of approximately 80 maps and atlases of various types and purposes.
Big experience of co-operation with partners in Russia and other countries of the world allows MPA 'Kartografija' to offer wide range of variants of co-operation : realisation of finished products, development of maps and atlases on orders, including their digital form and geographical reference systems, joint creation of maps and atlases, sale of rights of publishing for the production of MPA 'Kartografija' and others.
By choosing Mercator, MPA Kartografija hopes that while modernising its workflows, it is not willing to compromise on the world-famous accuracy and beauty of its maps. The design tool MapCentre and production toolkit MercatorServer will assure not only quality but also productivity, an important matter taking into account the vast spatial databases available.

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