MrSID 4 Files Supported in LP360 - 25/02/2011

LizardTech's MrSID Generation 4 Decode SDK (MG4 DSDK) is integrated into GeoCue Corporation's LP360 for ArcGIS and other LP360 software applications. With the integration of LizardTech's MG4 DSDK, LP360 customers will have the ability to efficiently input and decode Lidar data that has been compressed using LizardTech's Lidar Compressor software.

Lewis Graham, president and chief technical officer at GeoCue, believes this integration will be very well received by users of LP360 software. "Our customers have asked for tools to input, decode, and view compressed LiDAR point clouds, and with the integration of LizardTech's MG4 DSDK, they can do that easily and efficiently."

"We're pleased with this integration as it confirms LizardTech's commitment to our customers in enabling them to use our product in as many other applications as possible," said Jon Skiffington, director of product management. "Now LP360 users will be able to handle compressed Lidar datasets in ArcGIS."

Last updated: 19/01/2020