Navman Releases Jupiter 21 Receiver Module - 13/10/2005

Navman (CA, USA) has announced release of the Jupiter 21 receiver module. The new Jupiter 21 is backwards compatible both electrically and mechanically with the Jupiter 12 product family.

Incorporating a SiRFstarIIe/LP chipset, the Jupiter 21 receiver allows system designers and integrators to apply the technology to a wide array of applications requiring faster acquisition times and enhanced sensitivity. Designed for a wide range of modular OEM GPS design applications such as asset tracking, fleet management, and marine and vehicle navigation, the Jupiter 21 is a single board GPS module solution that also provides an easy migration path from Navman’s popular Jupiter 12.

The Jupiter 21 receiver is available in 2 configurations: the standard Jupiter 21 with GSW2
navigation software for most applications, and the high-sensitivity Jupiter 21 S with SiRF XTrac software for general navigation in low GPS signal situations. The ultra-sensitive Jupiter 21 S extends the operating range of GPS, providing the optimum solution in extremely challenging environments such as dense foliage, multi-level bridges/freeways, and deep urban canyons.

Key features of the Jupiter 21 include a form factor (40.6mm x 71.1mm x 11.5mm), upgradeable Flash memory; algorithms for optimised urban environment tracking, on-board Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) that supports both active and passive antennas, low power consumption: 75 mA, power management options to further reduce current consumption, user-selectable WAAS/EGNOS compatibility and RoHS & WEEE compliance (available in 2006).

Last updated: 25/10/2020