Nemetschek Invests in Reality Capture Solution for Construction Monitoring

Nemetschek Invests in Reality Capture Solution for Construction Monitoring

The Nemetschek Group has led a financing round for a platform to automate construction quality monitoring by combining advanced AI, reality capture and BIM technologies. The next-generation platform has been developed by the Norwegian-based deep-tech company called Imerso. The Nemetschek Group is one of the leading software providers for the architecture, engineering, construction and operations (AEC/O) industry.

The solution enables easy, everyday use of industry-grade 3D scanners on site. The scanners capture the as-built status throughout the construction phase with point clouds – a collection of 3D data points that accurately digitize real-life physical spaces, such as a building, a floor or a room. Imerso’s cloud-based platform automatically analyses the captured 3D scan data against the plan in BIM. Combining artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced computer vision, it highlights and lists in real-time any relevant work deviations or issues, so these can be resolved efficiently through re-planning or fixes on site.

By connecting the BIM model directly to the as-built snapshot on site, Imerso delivers an efficient roadmap for accurate, as-built digital twins – with great benefits across the entire building life cycle.

Monitoring progress on site at detailed level

“Imerso is a perfect fit with our goal of helping our customers worldwide shape the world,” said Axel Kaufmann, spokesman and CFOO of the Nemetschek Group. Tanja Kufner, head of start-ups and venture investments at the Nemetschek Group, explained further: “We see great synergies, particularly with our brand Solibri. Both companies are on a mission to improve the quality of construction and to create better buildings. Customers can accurately monitor the project’s progress and efficiently improve the results,” she said.

Combining the technologies of Solibri and Imerso will generate significant opportunities for owners, engineers, and contractors. They can monitor the progress and quality of work on site at a detailed level and produce reliable final client deliverables for the management of the facility.

“This is a tremendous step in our journey, as we continue scaling our solution with some of the leading players in our industry. Partnering with the Nemetschek Group is rocket fuel for us to leverage their deep roots in the construction sector and in-depth knowledge, and to accelerate the go-to-market strategy of our technology,” said Frederico Valente, founder and CEO of Imerso.

The Norwegian start-up has been developing its solution in collaboration with leading research institutes and some of the largest industry players in the Nordics. Seven million square metres of floor have already been captured in the platform across several customer projects. Imerso is currently being used on some of the largest and most ambitious projects in Scandinavia and central Europe.

Imerso’s smart construction monitoring platform enables true-to-life digital twins.

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