New 3D Photogrammetric Z/I Mouse - 10/03/2005

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions (AL, USA) has introduced the 3D photogrammetric Z/I Mouse to simplify digitising and
data capture in stereo. With a radical ergonomic design, this mouse represents an industry first. For instance, it features three independent force sticks for X, Y and Z movements and a thumb wheel for fine Z movement. Its fully programmable keys improve digitising flexibility. This USB device is part of the company's redesigned Z/I Imaging ImageStation digital photogrammetric workstation and Stereo Softcopy Kit (SSK). The redesigned ImageStation workstation features ergonomically designed furniture and tower-sized computers to give a smaller footprint. The product is opti-
mised for photogrammetric production and equipped with dual 22-inch Toshiba monitors for comfortable stereo viewing.

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